How to Make Photo Collage By Mobicards

If making a photo collages are a wonderful thanks to organize a collection of Mobicards into an exquisite looking nice frame layout and border of pictures. You will be able to construct and interpret your reminiscences into a spread of various patterns. Simply follow this step by step guide you and you will get on your thanks to assemble an exquisite and delightful pastiche of cherished reminiscences.

Step one – Go to in Mobicards Collage Maker

First in go to in Mobicards login process registration with by social account facebook login, twitter login and Google+ account login. Then photo editor transfer a collage package to your desktop or a chosen folder. Next, open the program. A mobipixie editor page can open up. This is often the canvas of your collage. You will be able to size it to suit your wants.

Mobicards Resiter

Mobicards Resiter

Step two – Select an Example

On Show website the window centre of your computer makes collage, make a cards and sharing photo may be choose option. Click it and variety of editor can seem. Choose the one you prefer by clicking the dragging it to the collage.

Step three – Click a Make Collage

If you do not just like the background that comes within the site, you will be able to additionally choose the Background tab and select a replacement one.


Step four – Select Layout

Now that we have got the Layout and add background, set, it is time to feature the photos. Click the exposure button on the left of your collage and open the exposure pane. Next, choose the photos from your pc and add them to the collage space. You will be able to currently move, resize, crop, and even rotate the photos to your feeling.

Step five – Add a Mask

By choosing the Mask tab on the left, you will have the choice of choosing from variety of masks that you just will apply to the photo collages.

Birthday Special Mobicards

Birthday Special Mobicards

Step Next- Add a Border

To truly build a photo collage, you wish to surround it with a nice looking border. Click on right side the add border tab to examine an inventory of frames on the left a part of the collage. Choose a frame and click it to feature it to your collage.

Step seven – Add Clipart

If you need to feature some clipart to your collage, choose the Clipart pan and add it consequently. The dynamic package permits you to size, drag, and position the clipart to create collage crafting love, intuitive and fun.

Step eight – Add Text

To make collage text, click on screen menu show Add Text. You will be able to additionally click the Add button and click on Add Text within the window menu. The program permits you to control font size, color, and also the background of your text.

Step nine – Save and Download

Lastly, move your screen to the left side menu show to Save to Gallery and Download tab. Then click on Save to Gallery save collage in to the mobicards account. If you need to download your photo collage, visit File then click Download tab. Then print.

Step nine – Photos Sharing Social Media

Mobicards Baby Ecards

Mobicards Baby Ecards

If you have share your photo collage on social media site like facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. move your screen to the left side menu Share option click on and share social site.

With photo Collages Maker professional, creating a Photo collage are often straight forward to try to and professionally done. It is the excellent exposure collage generator for adding art and magnificence to your vacation album, vacation salutation, or family exposure album.


Mobicards – Free Collage Maker And Photo Editor

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 photo editor

mobicards photo maker

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